Save thousands over replacement cost.

When “cut & patch” isn’t an option, carpet dyeing can make all the difference.

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Step One

In order to accurately price your color restoration project, we’ll start with a photo of the color loss. Please use the best lighting available, place something next to the area for size reference, and send multiple angles of the area from 2-3′ away.

Step Two

We’ll run your photos through our specialized Color Cue technology to find an appropriate color match. Once we’ve established the severity of color loss and the difficulty of the repair, we’ll contact you to confirm the details and schedule your service.

Step Three

Our certified Color Restoration Specialist will arrive onsite to perform their magic. Appointments take anywhere from 1-3 hours to complete for standard bleach spot repair and are backed by our Serenity Promise that it will remain permanent.

Should you buy, or should you dye?

Our primary goal is to save our customers 65% or more vs. replacement. The process is quick, permanent, and hassle-free.

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See our carpet dyeing process in action.

Our process uses a unique combination of heat, striking agents, and liquid dyes to match the color of your carpet fibers. To ensure a successful repair we utilize a syringe to apply each color, dyeing only the fibers which are missing color.

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“This is the fourth time we have used this service and each one was an outstanding experience. Not only are they pleasant to deal with, they are really, really good at what they do. We had some really tough stains thanks to our pets and they made the carpet look like brand new. I’m always going to rely on these great guys!”

- Cheryl Johanson | Plano, TX

“Great service, the price was reasonable, and I was very satisfied with the results. Spencer and his team were very professional from the very beginning. I would highly recommend their services to anyone. They’ll send you a text and an email reminding you of the appointment; which I thought was convenient. ”

- Brittany Townes | Dallas, TX

How long will a color repair last?

We guarantee our dyes to be colorfast for the life of the carpet. However, we cannot make guarantees in the event that excessively high or low pH level cleaning solutions are used. In order to maximize the life of your carpet and textiles, we encourage you to utilize our onsite cleaning solution, and sister company, Helix Cleaning & Restoration.

How long before I can walk on it?

Freshly-dyed carpet may be walked on immediately. Our process involves thoroughly cleaning and neutralizing the area prior to performing the color repair. As such, the carpet will be slightly damp upon completion. Carpets will fully dry within just a few hours; at which time furniture and other items can be returned to their areas.

How cost effective is carpet dyeing?

The savings that come along with carpet dyeing are nothing short of huge. In fact, our entire business model is structured around saving customers return on investment. Think about the day you purchased new carpet, it wasn’t cheap! Carpet dyeing will typically save you between 65-75% versus replacement. Ranging from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands in savings.

Is dyeing non-toxic; safe for my family?

Yes! All of the dyes and solutions that we use are completely non-toxic and odor-free. Our process is completely safe for you, your children, and your pets. We wouldn’t use anything in your home that we wouldn’t use in our own homes. Material Safety Data Sheets are available, upon request, for your peace of mind.

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